Greg Sewitz

Magic Spoon | Co-Founder

Siddhi has allowed us to scale with more combined operations experience than we ever could've afforded at the beginning. It's super useful to have a wide range of backgrounds and Siddhi gives us the flexibility to tackle whatever problems come up while still staying lean.

Matthew Cauble

Kin Euphorics | Co-Founder

Kin has made it very far because of your [Siddhi] work and I am greatly appreciative. Thank you for being a fantastic partner and
inspirational team!


Mike Woliansky

No Evil Foods | Co-Founder

Working w/ the Siddhi team has been awesome! The operational support they provide, at both a strategic and tactical level, has been invaluable to the growth of our business. What’s more, they bring an extremely well-rounded approach to ops—considering all aspects of the business, from sales strategy, to financial controls, to legal exposures—and everything in between.


Growing brands is our passion. Operations is what we do.